Engage your students in this Mighty Music Experience.

Two great albums to choose from!

As an educator, Barb McIlquham knows what teachers are looking for and what
students respond to. Come and See My Rainbow, and The First Duck contain original
songs based on the ELKP document from The Ontario Ministry of Education.

Barb’s truly beautiful voice and expert guitar playing, always deliver!

Listen to song samples and purchase individual songs from the list below

Buy 1 of each CD and get 10% off. Use code 2cdx10 at checkout.


Purchase Entire Digital Album

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Purchase Entire Digital Album

Order Album

Wiggle to the Beat Shop
 Everybody Follow Me Shop
Instrumental Music Shop
 Let’s Share Shop
The Days of the Week Shop
 The First Duck Shop
Safe and Kind Shop
 Ready Set Go! Shop
Circle Triangle Square Shop
 I Kick My Feet Shop
The Cleanup Song Shop
 Good Morning Shop
What Sound
 The Letters of the Alphabet Shop
I Am Hungry (What Will I Have) Shop
 Counting Shop
Two Thumbs and Two Big Toes Shop
 As We Go Shop
Come and See My Rainbow Shop
 Sing a Song Shop
 Good Bye for Now Shop
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View related lesson plans and learning expectation for each song

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