By the end of a Mighty Music Makers concert, your students will have learned how to be a good audience, have lots of songs running through their heads, and will be smiling ear to ear!

Each Mighty Music Makers concert is unique to the children that are attending. This is because the concerts are highly interactive. Children respond to the character of each song taught with individual flair and inquiry. Action songs, call and response songs, quiet listening “story” songs, and songs with repetition are the kinds of songs that you can expect your students to hear and sing along with during a Mighty Music Maker concert. With Barb McIlquham playing her guitar, ukulele and drum, your kids will be actively engaged.

There is always a part in all Mighty Music Makers concerts, where the students share either percussion instruments or move to music using scarves and ribbons. One of the highlights of the concert will be, when instead of reading a book to the kids, Barb “sings” the story and the students participate by singing a chant at various points throughout the story.

All of the songs are cross curricular and easily identifiable with the Ministry of Education Document,The Early Learning Kindergarten Program

There are six concerts to choose from. Please see the list below and click on the link for more information and dates.

Don’t miss a beat. Book your concert today!

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