Barb plays guitar, ukulele, and hand drum. Depending upon the concert, the students may be given either percussion instruments or scarves and ribbons to keep time with.


At your school! Mighty Music Makers has conducted concerts in classrooms, libraries and gymnasiums.


Barb is certified with the Ontario College of Teachers. She has over 30 years of experience in the classroom. Much of that time has been spent as either a kindergarten teacher or music specialist.


The cost is $400 (plus HST) per concert. If you would like a second concert the cost would be $350 (plus HST) and the 3rd concert would be $300 (plus HST). All concerts must take place within the same school year to receive the discounts. There is also a charge for travel if your school is outside of a 30km radius of Mount Hope.


Yes! A lot of smaller schools invite their primary divisions to make up 100 students. Parents are always welcome at no additional cost.


Because the concerts are interactive in nature, no more than 100 students at a time is recommended.


The concerts are forty-five minutes in length.


All concerts are presented acoustically, so there is no need for microphones or PA systems. There needs to be a large enough space to move, as well as a table and a chair.

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