New CD Finally Released!

TheFIrstDuckCD_Cover_20140923It’s here! My new Kindergarten Music CD, The First Duck is released! For the past few years, I have been earnestly writing, recording, rewriting and rerecording this exciting new collection of teachable and kid friendly songs based on the Ministry of Ontario document, The Early Learning Kindergarten Program.

Fast paced songs like “Everybody Follow Me” and “I Kick My Feet” will get kids moving and shaking. Kids will easily be able to follow the actions to the song, “Ready Set Go!” and learn about positive outcomes in, “Let’s Share”. The highly amusing mathematical song, “The First Duck” is a way for teachers to teach ordinal numbers and for kids ponder the life of farm animals. For teachers looking for songs that teach basic skills and classroom routine activities, “Good Morning” , “The Letters of the Alphabet”, and “Counting” can be used everyday. The soft vocal harmonies and beautifully arranged, “Sing a Song” will remind kids to to reflect on music in all aspects of their lives.

Have a listen. Songs samples can be found here and every song comes with a lesson plan as well as learning expectations related to the Ministry Document.

Why not order your copy today? You’ll be glad you did!

Mighty Musically Yours,

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