Hello Mighty Music Makers!

I need to inform all of you that Mighty Music Makers will be taking the next year off and will return next May 2017. In the meantime I have accepted a full time music specialist position at St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School in Oakville. I am sure that it will be a year full of music learning and fun.

I know that when Mighty Music Makers starts up again, that you will find that I have the same commitment and passion for all concerts performed! In the meantime, both albums are still available for sale on this website as well as itunes.

I will be sure to remind you of the start up of concerts in 2017!

Mighty Musically Yours,


Winter Update!

Blog-8-January-2016-Hello Kindergarten and Primary Teachers! Mighty Music Makers has had a busy January Season with “Jazzy January”. Almost every day in January has been booked with concerts from Kitchener to Mississauga, from Burlington to Brampton! Next series is “February Friendship Songs”. Lots of musical fun on how to be a good friend. Don’t Miss a Beat. Book Your Concert Today!

Mighty Musically Yours,


A new school year is just around the corner!

barb-with-guitarI hope you are all enjoying the last few weeks of summer. My summer has been filled with camping trips and back yard swims. I’ve never been too far from my guitar though. I’ve had lots of time to write and rehearse for the upcoming Mighty Music Makers season!

The first series of concerts, Autumn Coloured Music, starts on September 28 and runs through to November 20. Please let me know as soon as possible if you would like to book a date for this series as it fills up fast! Please check out the following link to see all of the flyers for the year as well as the Concert Schedule for 2015­-16, so that you can plan ahead. Don’t forget there’s lots of original music to purchase as well. Here is the link.

See you in September!

Mighty Musically Yours,


Spring is finally here!

So, spring is finally here. The sunshine, the warmer breezier air, the rain (better than snow) and of course the flowers. I love everything associated with Spring, but especially sharing music with kids about how this all comes about!

“Blooming Spring Voices” concert series is now in full swing. Most of the days in May are filled up, but you may find a few openings near the end of the month. Things change daily around here, and bookings happen all the time, so check back with the calendar frequently if you want a spot!

“Teddy Bears Picnic” is the last concert series of the year and takes place in June only. It’s a great way to end the year off with your kids. Again, check the calendar as bookings are already starting to happen for June!



Don’t forget to get to purchase the new CD The First Duck in all it’s kindergarten awesomeness! It’s based on the curriculum doc, and the songs will get your kids moving as well as linking cross curricular subjects. You can purchase it here.

Happy spring and hope to see you soon!

Mighty Musically Yours,


New CD Finally Released!

TheFIrstDuckCD_Cover_20140923It’s here! My new Kindergarten Music CD, The First Duck is released! For the past few years, I have been earnestly writing, recording, rewriting and rerecording this exciting new collection of teachable and kid friendly songs based on the Ministry of Ontario document, The Early Learning Kindergarten Program.

Fast paced songs like “Everybody Follow Me” and “I Kick My Feet” will get kids moving and shaking. Kids will easily be able to follow the actions to the song, “Ready Set Go!” and learn about positive outcomes in, “Let’s Share”. The highly amusing mathematical song, “The First Duck” is a way for teachers to teach ordinal numbers and for kids ponder the life of farm animals. For teachers looking for songs that teach basic skills and classroom routine activities, “Good Morning” , “The Letters of the Alphabet”, and “Counting” can be used everyday. The soft vocal harmonies and beautifully arranged, “Sing a Song” will remind kids to to reflect on music in all aspects of their lives.

Have a listen. Songs samples can be found here and every song comes with a lesson plan as well as learning expectations related to the Ministry Document.

Why not order your copy today? You’ll be glad you did!

Mighty Musically Yours,

Where did the summer go?

August 28, 2014

With the new school just around the corner, I find myself thinking, “Where did the summer go?”

CNSMRI remember when I was in the classroom, I would always feel a sense of freedom when July hit. Then, by August the feeling of dedication to my new students would soon consume all my waking hours. My August days were filled with creative thoughts, planning, and organizing. Full force ahead! The passion never left me until the following July when I enjoyed a much deserved break. It’s not like I was waiting for July to come. It was more like, I needed the time to recharge, sleep and vacate my mind for awhile. I would suppose most teachers feel the same!

Well, July has passed and August is almost over, so I am well aware of all of the tireless hours that passionate teachers have been putting into their planning during the past few weeks.

If you have not had a chance to explore the my Kindergarten album, Come and See my Rainbow, then I urge you to do so. All of the songs were written with the Ontario Ministry of Education Document , The
Early LearningKindergarten Program, in mind. You can view and purchase the songs and the album here http://www.mightymusicmakers.com/albums/

My new album, The First Duck, is soon to be released…hopefully some time in September. I will keep you posted! If you have not signed up for an Interactive Mighty Music Makers Kindergarten Concert at your school you can do so by contacting me at info@mightymusicmakers.com or calling 9056798262. Spaces are filling up so… Don’t miss a beat. Book your concert today!

I wish you all the best for your first day of school!

Mighty Musically Yours,

Barb McIlquham

Happy End of School Year!

Wow! The 2013 2014 school year has been awesome. I have conducted over 100 concerts in 81 schools throughout Southern Ontario this year! Thank you to all of the teachers who have invited me to come to their school and engage their students in song! I have loved every minute.SAM_2871

It’s never too early to book a concert for next year. Please take some time to look over the concert schedule for next year …


… and give me a call (9056798262) or email info@mightymusicmakers.com !

I can’t wait to meet you and your students!

Have a safe and joyful summer. It’s always much deserved for teachers!!
Mighty Musically Yours,

Mighty Music Makers Website

The new Mighty Music Makers website is done! Those of you who have been visiting lately have seen some changes. Have you guessed that I have a hard time making up my mind?!

I am excited to share all of the information with you. I am especially excited about being able to offer you some music in CD and download format. The first CD, Come and See My Rainbow, is now available for download on the website and the hardcopy CD will be coming out soon. The second CD, Sing A Song, is in the mastering stages right now, and will be available very soon. In the meantime, I am pleased to offer you a free download to help
with your daily programming.

To receive this free gift go to the main page of the website. 

Here is the flyer that you will be receiving via mail, fax and email shortly! Don’t forget to book your concert for the 2014 2015 school year. It’s never too early to plan for next year!

Mighty Musically Yours,


Print Flyer Information



Mighty Music Makers has had a spectacular 2013-2014 school year. Since September, I have visited more than 75 schools in Southern Ontario. My favourite part about performing is greeting each student with a smile and a song. Seeing the smiles on their faces and having them sing along with me is always priceless. As you make your way through the website I hope that you will find that moment where you realize that Mighty Music Makers will not only be a great way for you to enhance your daily programming, but also a unique experience for your students. Enjoy listening, watching and learning about Mighty Music Makers…and drop me a line sometime. I love to chat!

Barb McIlquham
Chief Executive Musician-Educator

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