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Despite the past staying firmly where it is, that doesn’t stop great scholars from endlessly returning to excavate old terrain, to carefully study it from all angles and prod it gently with a stick. As a result, there have been some fantastic history books written in the last couple of years, from Mary Beard’s energetic, fresh look at Ancient Rome, to Andrew Roberts’enormously impressive new study of a certain Monsieur Bonaparte. Here, we select some recently publishedpage turners for anyone with a thirst for knowledge..

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“It’s natural. They’re kids and they’re playing a second year program. They didn’t know if we were going to be any good or not, so they assumed we probably weren’t. Lewis relied on explorer and fur trader Alexander Mackenzie writing style ( from Montreal and both Lewis and Clark had access to Captain James Cook forays in the Pacific and elsewhere. Lewis, more than Clark, sometimes phrases or passages from the explorers such as my project. Lewis occasionally used the same words that had been written by Mackenzie.

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The 2016 presidential campaign has dominated our coverage of false claims. In particular, businessman Donald Trump who has soared to the top of the GOP field kept us busy. In the space of just six months, he earned 11 Four Pinocchio ratings for the most outlandish comments, far more than any other candidate..

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