Easily Turn Each Song Into a Lesson!

When using Mighty Music Makers songs in your classroom, you can be confident that you have supported each student in achieving success by using the lesson plans provided below. As well, each song supports the Learning Expectations as outlined in the Ontario Ministry of Education document,
The Full Day – Early Learning Kindergarten Program.

Come and See My Rainbow

Wiggle to the Beat
Instrumental Music
The Days of the Week
Safe and Kind
Circle Triangle Square
The Cleanup Song
What Sound Will the Sky Make Today?
I Am Hungry (What Will I Have)
Two Thumbs and Two Big Toes
Come and See My Rainbow


The First Duck

Everybody Follow Me
Let’s Share
The First Duck
Ready Set Go!
I Kick My Feet
Good Morning
The Letters Of The Alphabet
As We Go
Sing A Song
Good Bye For Now
I’m A Mighty Music Maker



Learning Expectations


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